Friday, November 2, 2007


So. The time has arrived to start this food blog in earnest. The time is now. The time is VeganMoFo!

VeganMoFo stands for the Vegan Month of Food. It is a foodie version of NaNoWriMo, the national novel writing month challenge. The challenge this month, as reported here, is to publish one entry related to vegan food every day for the whole month. I am a bit late as I found out about this today but I will try my hardest to catch up!

Today I will write about my recent food laziness. I have been eating a ton of frozen food the past couple of weeks. I have actually made myself sick of my favorite frozen pizza, the Amy's Organics gluten-free soy cheese spinach one. My last frozen waffles are in the toaster right now.

I suppose I have been tired and anxious and stressed out lately so much that my usual delight in preparing interesting dinners (sadly for one, the worst part of living alone is not having anyone to cook for) has flagged. But today I felt like cooking, and realized the only thing I really had around to make for breakfast was a bag of hash browns. This will not do. So, I took my trusty 15% off coupon to Better Health and stocked up to cook up a storm in November!

However I have to wean myself back into real cooking (and baking; I'm a bit gun-shy from my Chocolate Millet Macadamia cupcake disaster which I really ought to document here...) so this is what I'm making for dinner:

Cheaty, Non-Cuisine, Super-Easy Vegan Nachos (for gluties)
-corn chips
-vegan refried beans in a can
-sliced olives
-salsa verde
-tofutti sour cream

You heat the beans, you put them on the chips (or in a bowl and just scoop them), you add olives and salsa and use the sour cream sparingly because it'll melt all over if you put it on the hot beans. I'm a lazy bum but at least this won't explode all over my oven like those blasted cupcakes...

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Jill said...

I'm terrified! I just brought home some millet flour to play with. Please tell me it's not the millet that made things go boom!